What is sketchnoting?

I discovered sketchnoting in June of 2014 and was instantly 'hooked'. Sketchnoting is a form of visual note-taking that incorporates a mix of handwriting, drawings, shapes, and other visual elements in a way that helps you remember and share what you're listening to in an incredibly powerful way.

Read on below to find out how and why I got into sketchnoting, and what I do with it now.



Sketchnoting Gallery

A brief history of my sketchnoting

My very first sketchnote was in June 2014, during a church sermon. I'm a member of my local church in Airdrie, and have been taking notes on church sermons pretty much all my life. But I was frustrated with how many notes I took, and how little I actually seemed to remember or hold onto during the week ahead. I came across Mike Rhode's sketchnoting concept on Twitter, and decided to try it out. I was absolutely hooked, immediately. It was interesting, it was fascinating - and best of all, I remembered things more clearly. Not every detail - but the key messages, and a few quotes word for word.

At the next business conference I attended I wanted to take some notes, so of course I took out my notebook and started sketchnoting. To say it was a success is an understatement - I had people tweeting my images, peeking over my shoulder, even stealthily capturing photos of me sketchnoting during the talk.

It's particularly taken off in the marketing for accountants sector in which I'm involved in my day-to-day business. If you'd like to register for an upcoming sketchnotes seminar, please do. In the meantime, give it a go yourself! (If you look at my first sketchnote and the ones I do now, you'll see how it grows and changes over time.)

First ever sketchnote!

Ready to try sketchnoting?

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Sketchnoting is primarily about ideas, not art. Visit Karen's sketchnoting shop to purchase custom Moleskine sketchnote books, Mike Rohde's sketchnote handbook, and more.

Attend a sketchnoting workshop

Karen delivers regular sketchnoting workshops and would be happy to come sketchnote at your upcoming event. Get in touch to have a chat with her about it!

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