"Just keep going" yellow tin enamel mug



Yellow enamel mug with Karen's sketch design of the words "just keep going" on both sides. (Handy for taking a photo, being able to hold the mug in either hand and take the picture with the other hand!) 

Size is 400ml / 13.5oz. It's small, but not too small. Easy to hold and carry in a backpack (Karen carries hers whenever she's hiking the highlands!). One regular sized flask/thermos of hot water or coffee pours nicely into two servings in this mug. 

Karen's signature is on the bottom of the mug.

NOTE: Price is for one single mug, posted to you in the country you're in. Each mug is custom printed. Per-mug costs go down if you buy them in bulk, so message me if you're wanting 10 or more.

SKU: 10000-1

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