I've always loved photography, and still do. I have a literal thirst to see and share beauty: when I'm in a place of incredible beauty, it's really hard for me to stop and appreciate it until I've captured it. (This is even more true when the light is changing, and I have to capture it quickly before it disappears!) Then I can take a deep breath and stand and stare for a while.

For years I was a wedding and family photographer, and I absolutely loved it: but over time I was reminded that because I'm an "all or nothing" sort of person, I was struggling to do weddings as a nice little extra. I was investing so much in the photography business (as well as my creative agency) that I was burning out at both ends. 

So for now, I take my camera from time to time and go up into the Highlands, or on a city break, or spend time with my family. But otherwise, I either just enjoy it...or I capture it on my iPhone! 


An #iphoneonly journey for Lego versions of Harry Potter and friends.


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