Are you off, or "off off"?

December 18, 2020
You’re exhausted. Some of you have literally taken only a few days’ holiday in the entire year (or since March anyway).  It’s time for a rest - a real one. An honest to goodness, don’t check emails or Slack or messages or even social media or your phone, rest.&n...
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I read this sentence today and needed to pause to think about it for a little while.  "There is more happening while we wait than just waiting."  The author was talking about how frustrating it is to wait. How weary we get, how cranky and frustrated and wishing it ...
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Hello everyone! I’m back!  Really actually missed writing these Notes, come to think of it. I like the routine and pattern, and I love the thoughtful replies I get and the good conversations it starts.  Being off for three whole weeks, consecutively, has shown me...
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"I'll do it when I have time."Okay so we've all had THIS excuse blown out of the water and revealed for the excuse it always was.Because unless you're a care worker for your country's health service, the fact is we all have a little more time here and there (and some people ...
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A restful heart is a thankful heart. The person who is truly at rest, and also continues to seek it, is full of gratitude and thankfulness for the situation they find themselves in. This is because true rest is rooted in Jesus Christ Himself, and in an understanding th...
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There is nothing honouring about wearing yourself out - for whatever noble reason you've set. For God, for your church, for your business, for your family. There will be times when you need to do more, sleep less, push past every boundary you feel you have. There are even s...
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Rest is always possible.

April 15, 2016
Rest is always possible. It's always a choice. And it's always an act of faith. Telling ourselves that we "can't" rest simply means we won't. There's too much on. The baby is crying. The house needs to be viewed today or someone else will buy it. An employee just put ...
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A passion for rest

March 28, 2016
I'm passionate about rest. It's also the one thing I struggle with above all others, and which I many times despair of ever 'achieving' in my life. But that's the trouble with rest. How do you 'achieve' something that is all about slowing down? Doing less. Trusting....
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