Red lights, greenlights

January 14, 2021
When I was younger, in America, we used to play a game called “red light green light”. Everyone would line up at one end of the field, or the room, or a wide open space.  One person would stand at the front, staring ahead and not able to see those behind them, and s...
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We have to make sense of things. Somehow.  And if things don’t make sense, or don’t fit, our brain will work on putting together the reason, the intentions, the story.  We will literally make up a story in our own head to help us understand. We’ll say “oh, ...
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The books you read

August 20, 2020
When ‘everything’ started back in March, I sort of naively imagined I’d get lots of reading done. I’d have all this time, I thought. I wouldn’t be traveling, I’d still get my work done at home and then I could just read and read and read. Didn’t happen tha...
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