Choose to give thanks. Always

November 28, 2020
This week is the American holiday of Thanksgiving. As a dual British-American citizen, it’s still a holiday I celebrate here in Scotland, and it really is one of my favourite holidays of all.  Because the premise is: things are (or have been) very hard, so you gather ...
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I’ve been thinking this week about the good things we receive through an experience of hard things.  No matter how good the good thing is we receive through what’s doesn’t magically make the hard things good. Or transform them. Sometimes (most times) the...
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Positivity is a good thing. It’s a beautiful thing, and it’s something I seek to live out. It’s even one of the six internal values of my company. In the midst of a really difficult time, staying positive can be even harder...not simply because of the tough things in l...
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A restful heart is a thankful heart. The person who is truly at rest, and also continues to seek it, is full of gratitude and thankfulness for the situation they find themselves in. This is because true rest is rooted in Jesus Christ Himself, and in an understanding th...
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