Travels in photography: Vienna, Austria

Austria at Christmas time. It conjures up the idea of mountains, snow, grey skies, brightly-lit Christmas markets with all sorts of wares, carols sung in front of a cathedral, and the beauty of old European cities.

We were thrilled to discover that Vienna met our expectations in all of these areas. It was cold, but a sharp cold without rain (as one who lives in Scotland, this is a critical point of notice). Most of all it was lovely to just wander the city streets, going where we wanted to go and being surprised around every corner by something new and beautiful that we had never seen.

Christmas market hut

Schönbrunn Palace

Neptune Fountain, Schönbrunn Palace

The birds and ducks were slightly confused, but had fun!

Duck in decision mode

Gloriette colonnade, Schonbrunn Palace

My sister and travel companion!

Next blog post: Salzburg!


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