Yet another website? Why?

My usual advice to anyone about multiple websites is: don't have them. Focus on one website, one domain, one URL. Drive everything to that site, because you'll get more traffic and more focused business that way.

I still stand by that advice, but if you know me at all you may be wondering then why I've got the Profitable Firm website for my marketing business, the Reyburn Photography website for weddings, and now this Karen Reyburn site for me. Why do I have so many if you're not supposed to?

The answer to that is, I'm not trying to drive loads of traffic to my personal or photography sites. They're there, they explain who I am and show off my photography, but it's not a goal of mine to build those up as businesses. My focus from a traffic-driving and lead-generation point of view is The Profitable Firm - and I don't want to confuse that audience (accountants) with wedding photographs and sermon sketch notes and fiction novels.

But if you met me at a conference and enjoyed my sketchnotes, it's nice to have a place to direct you so you can see others and learn more about me personally. Or if you want me to shoot your wedding in New Zealand (seriously, people, it's top on my list), you'd probably prefer to see wedding photographs as you consider that.

So, I trust you'll enjoy this (and the other) sites, and still remember my advice for your own business to stay focused on one - if that's where you want to get business, that is.


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